07 May 2013

who's with me?!

Not only is my brain swirling with "brilliant" ideas but i'm constantly inspired by so many things in my daily life. Whether it be a leaf shaped in a heart or someone doing something incredibly annoying ... it naturally gives me an idea for the world to see.. but when is there time to focus on SO many things?!  

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Then I come across a cool website... like this: chrispiascik.com and see a cool image like the one below and it reminds me that.. this will ALWAYS be the case for creative brains. No need to stress... just do what you are good at and amazing things will happen. Even if those amazing things means more ideas! 

Maybe to feel like something is getting done with my ideas I should write them down somewhere. Record them for a rainy day when I'm feeling like I need a break from what I'm doing. What about you guys? What do you do with your ideas?
image via chrispiascik.com
Chris Piascik is a freelance designer & illustrator. He posts daily (mon-fri) images and has been doing so since 2007. He published a book after 1000 images and they are sold through society6.  Check out his site. He's awesome!

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