09 March 2013

The start of something good....

Fall/Winter 2013-14 is going to rock your pants off.

I've been inspired to start a kids line this year. Lots of yarn testing, pattern designing, and testing on my nephew over and over again has led up mini versions of MMH staples (infinity cowl, tubular cowl, button scarflette, earwarmers) and added a fox, a bear and a dragon to the mix.

How does this look all together? Watch this amazing sneak peak into Fall & Winter 2013 video to find out!

Incredibly fantastically sweet and perfect right??!

I couldn't have done it without some VERY talented friends!!  

VIDEOGRAPHER/EDITOR: Danny S. Nim !! Want to watch some more of what he's got? Cause he's definitely got it.  See them over on his YouTube channel.

The faces "the MMH crew" in the video

MAKE-UP/STYLING: Nadia of Nadia-Artistry. Coordinator-Personal Shopper-Bag Hauler-Location Scout-Extraordinairet!

PHOTOGRAPHER: Angie of AK Photography. the beautiful face hidden behind the camera, official photographer for the debut kids line who also warmly welcomed us into your happy home and being the best hostess ever! (thanks to David too

STYLING/MODEL: Kimmy! The talent-connector-queen! Provided clothes, a pretty face plus 2 mini-cute faces & knowledge of all things/people awesome!

Last but not least:
MODELS: Avery & Quinn. The twins who made this video come alive. The love between two sisters can't be any more apparent when they enter the room. Their essence captures so beautifully!

More glimpses of this day, official photos and launch of "LITTLE HAPPINESS" will be coming soon! Make sure you LIKE us on facebook for latest news from us! Want to see through the eyes of MAKE MORE HAPPY? follow us on instagram.

And this is just half of it.. there's still the ADULTS line to show you!


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