01 March 2012

Guest Blogging at Portobello West :: Anna Vandas

I had the pleasure of meeting Anna Vandas at the holiday Portobello West show in December. 

I quickly glanced at her products during set-up and made a mental note to stop by during my break. Anna's superb sense of harmonizing colors, bringing simplicity to life left me with several products; 3 pairs of "button earrings" and a necklace adorned with a button. My only issue was narrowing buttons down to my favorites.  {buttons and pretty fabric make me happy!}

Two things were Christmas presents for cousin Camilla. I finally was able to catch up with this little jet-setter and snap a quick photo of her wearing the stunning pieces handmade by Anna.

I'm crossing my fingers that Anna will be at the next Portobello West Market on March 24 + 25.

Not only is Anna a talented jewellery designer, she is also a singer-songwriter, painter, dancer and (as I learned from Portobello) a mom!  Make sure to head over to her website to check out music, commission pieces and more.

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